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A reasonable response I suppose, but Tony Khan has a lot on the line Saturday night. In pro wrestling, timing can mean everything. Going with a certain star, angle, or feud and not going with a star, angle, or feud can be the difference in a hot or cold product. Tony is at that crossroads right now and he needs to pick the right way?

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That crossroads is MJF as a heel or babyface for the next few years. MJF is a homegrown talent for AEW and is on the cusp of superstardom. Audiences want to cheer him, media outlets outside of wrestling want him on their shows, and he regularly exudes the aura of the top leading act for the company whenever he’s on television. The time is now to go with him and finally give fans the permission to cheer him outright.

MJF may not want that and going all in on that call, making MJF champion over Jon Moxley, and running with him instead of Mox may have diminishing returns for Moxley, but so be it. MJF’s time is now. Full Gear 2022. One way or the other we’ll remember this show for quite sometime.

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