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Watch AEW Collision 8/5/23 – 5th August 2023 Full Show Online Free HD:

CM Punk Denies AEW Collision Is Competing With WWE SummerSlam Despite Head To Head Airing


Fans were eagerly waiting for CM Punk’s return on the debut episode of Collision, as it marked the first time he appeared on AEW television since All Out last year. CM Punk has been a regular in-ring competitor and fans have enjoyed watching him every week. That said, it appears Punk denied that AEW Collision is competing with SummerSlam this week.

The WWE SummerSlam Premium Live Event will be taking place this Saturday, which is also when AEW Collision will air. This is the first time the show will go face to face with a WWE event since it debuted back in June.

We will have to wait and see whether AEW Collision will manage to secure respectable ratings despite WWE SummerSlam airing at the same time. After all, CM Punk is very confident about the show in the end. till then stay tuned with us


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