Watch WWE Hell in A Cell 2022 6/5/22 PPV – 5th June 2022 Full Show

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It’s time for WWE Hell in a Cell headlined by one HIAC match, which is perfectly fine with me, and only two title matches. That’s disappointing to see considering how many titles are in WWE. I think the creative team let the talent and the fans down with this card because they should be putting on better PPV (or Premium Live Events) shows. There should not be a “throwaway” card, but I mean when I look at this one I think it’s absolutely skippable if you aren’t a diehard WWE fan. I’m looking forward to Cody-Seth and the women’s triple threat, but other than that it’s hard for me to get that excited. I also think about all the talented men and women not on this show that could have made it better if they were a part of it. I hope things get better for Money in the Bank next month. It should be because that’s a bigger event with two ladder matches, but I just think WWE could have put more effort into making HIAC a bigger deal this year.

Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 PPV 6/5/22 – 5th June 2022 2022/6/5 Livestream Full Show Online Free HD: By BollyRulez

This Ezekiel thing was not supposed to work. Luckily, you had Kevin Owens who has made it work. Kevin Owens deserves some kind of reward for having as good of a match as he did at Wrestlemania with Austin. I just can’t see Ezekiel losing his first PLE match back in the company. So, I’m going with Ezekiel here and hopefully Kevin moves up the ladder.

I was done with this feud at Wrestlemania. They’ve done another match, an arm-wrestling segment, and a contract signing (also known as the two most traditionally boring segments you could do) since. I love Lashley. The handicap situation seems tailored for a Bobby win. So that’s what I’m going with.

This is the match I’m looking forward to the most. The booking of Cody Rhodes has been damn near perfect since he came back two months ago. This feud with Seth Rollins has been the feud of the year for me in any company. I think Cody Rhodes is building to becoming WWE Champion. I think he needs a clean sweep over Seth. It’s Hell in a Cell. It’s the first PPV/PLE main event for Cody. This is where you really showcase that this is your guy. That he is going to be booked like the star he is. I think this will be the longest match and a match of the year contender, just like Seth’s Hell in a Cell match against Edge was last year.

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