WWE NXT Level Up 3/18/22 – 18th March 2022 HD Watch Online

WWE NXT Level Up 3/18/22 – 18th March 2022

Xyon Quinn seemed to employ a fairly basic strategy for his bout against amateur standout Damon Kemp: strike hard and avoid getting into a mat-grappling exhibition with his athletic opponent.

After a pre-match fist bump, Kemp attempted a variety of takedowns and finally succeeded when he knocked Quinn to the canvas and ensnared him in a painful-looking submission hold.

Though Kemp threw Quinn somewhat off his game by relying on his technical prowess, Quinn eventually got back on track when he ducked his hard-charging foe, landed several rapid-fire fists and elbows, and nearly drove him through the mat with a unique slam. Seconds later, Quinn clobbered Kemp with a running forearm to the face to seal the win.

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