WWE NXT Spring Breakin 5/3/22 – 3rd May 2022 – HDTV – Watch Online

Watch NXT Spring Breakin 5/3/22 3rd May 2022 2022/05/03 HD Full Show Online Free

The release of next Next Big Thing Parker Boudreaux was a bit surprising, but NXT did quietly shuffle him off screen early on in Gacy’s feud with NXT champion Bron Breakker. That happened while Gacy’s character was transitioned from a parody of wokeness, to a kidnapper, to finally a dude who has a bunch of cloaked followers.

Breakker clotheslining his way through a bunch of hooded dudes last week made for a cool visual, but otherwise this feels like one of the more lackluster top title feuds in recent WWE history. Here’s hoping they wrap it up tonight, move Bron on to something else (Carmelo Hayes, please) and figure out Joe G’s post-Harland future. And speaking of next big things…

Lyons has captured the internet’s attention and is getting good reactions from the Orlando faithful. Word is WWE’s noticed all that, and is high on the former WOW Superhero. Now her ongoing angle with Lash Legend has crossed over with Jade’s program with Natalya, which at first seemed like a step in Cora’s coronation, but now looks like it might be a way to move Nikkita into place as the one to end Mandy Rose’s lengthy title reign.

After Santos Escobar cost Tony D’Angelo his match against Von Wagner, the Don of NXT introduced us to his new muscle — Troy “2 Dimes” Donovan and Channing Lorenzo (Cole Karter and Jake Tucker, both recent signees with brief indie track records). Not for nothing, but out on the streets, Tony D calls Lorenzo “Stacks”…

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