WWE Raw 12/5/22

WWE Raw tonight comes to us live from the historic Capital One Arena in the nation’s capital. A fitting date to come to the Capital One Center, previously known as the MCI Center. The home of the 4 final WCW Starrcade events. Though the legendary event would take place on December starting in 1988, coincidentally the same year WCW officially formed, the earliest it would take place would be December 13. The only Starrcade to take place in the first week of December was a WWE edition. The last one they did in 2019, on December 1. We’re still not sure how is it possible the Starrcade name has not been utilized in any capacity for NXT.

Watch WWE Raw 12/5/22 – December 5th , 2022 Full Show Online Replay Stay tuned with us to get more.

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