WWE RAW 3/14/22 – 14th March 2022 HD Watch Online

A video kicks off the show highlighting Kevin Owens calling out “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to appear on The KO Show on WrestleMania. The next day, Austin confirmed that Owens has awakened something inside him and he will be at WrestleMania.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. Owens says, “Hey yo!” What we’re looking at right now is the happiest Canadian camper in the world because he is going to WrestleMania! Owens said he used his superior Canadian intellect to get on the card. Since none of the yellow teethed Texans can turn down a challenge, he challenged the embodiment of Texas itself. Owens knew Austin would accept. Owens is proud of himself because now the entire world and the USA get to witness the most stupendous KO Show of all time when he stuns Stone Cold all throughout Texas. The only can that will be opened up in Texas is a nice Canadian beer. Owens doesn’t even like beer, but he’ll make an exception on that night. Nobody will be saying “Oh hell yeah” when he’s done with him. Everyone will be saying “Oh hell no” as they watch him beat the living hell out of Austin. Owens says, “And that’s the bottom line because KO said so!” Owens then hits the cameraman with a Stunner!

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