WWE RAW 5/16/22 – 16th May 2022 – HDTV Watch Online

Watch WWE RAW 5/16/22 16th May 2022 Live 2022/05/16 HD Full Show Online Free

WWE RAW – 3 Possible surprises – SmackDown superstar turns heel & destroys Alexa Bliss; Faction reformed with new member

This episode of WWE RAW could be a can’t-miss episode. If booked right, all of the pieces for the upcoming Hell in a Cell Premium Live Event would fit perfectly. A surprise or two could go a long way towards that goal. So, let’s look at what may happen on this week’s show.

Mind you, none of these WWE RAW surprises are set in stone. We’ve heard no inside gossip, nor are we claiming that one or more of these twists will happen. These are our recommendations, things we believe must happen for people to talk about the show with their friends and loved ones.

Our older readers will remember when RAW was a show like that. When Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock reigned supreme, people of all ages would speculate about what could happen next.

It’s a different era and a different audience, but armchair fantasy bookers like your humble author can still let his imagination run wild, can’t he? Here are some surprises that could lead to multiple talking points from the show.

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