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WWE RAW after WrestleMania Backlash is certain to be off the charts. The show was much hotter than fans anticipated it to be, with some excellent wrestling. Even though there was only one match with any real stakes, the whole Premium Live Event delivered in a pretty big way. The fallout of the same should be intense indeed.

It won’t be hard to pull off. Put on a fake beard and the classic gear and Elias will be back to normal once again. Ezekiel could do this on WWE RAW in an attempt to drive Kevin Owens over the edge.

It’s high time that this storyline moves into high gear because the ‘I’m not Elias, I’m his younger brother’ shtick could get old very quickly indeed. This is why it is necessary, it is imperative that there is some forward momentum, so that this talented young man does not stagnate on the roster.

The ranks of Judgment Day were bolstered when Rhea Ripley joined the stable at WrestleMania Backlash. That said, this may only be the start with more names to follow. In fact, it was former WWE head writer, Sportskeeda’s own Vince Russo who suggested that Corey Graves could be an ideal fit.

With his tattoos and his icy demeanor, there is certainly something very icy, very ‘Interview with a Vampire’ about Graves (the perfect last name too for a spooky faction). Also, remember that he has been cleared for an in-ring return.

Even if he does become an active performer, there will still be two men behind the WWE RAW commentary desk, which is an adequate number.

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