WWE Smackdown 3/11/22 – 11th March 2022 HD Watch Online

WWE Smackdown 3/11/22 – 11th March 2022

WWE SmackDown kicks off with clips of the Madison Square Garden show.

Live in the arena, Brock Lesnar’s music hits and out he comes to the ring. He gets in the ring and he tells Roman Reigns that he has changed the rules, changed the game. For the last six days, he dragged himself out of bed and looked in the mirror. Lesnar points to stitches on his eyebrow. He tells Roman you don’t draw first blood on Lesnar and live to tell about it.

Lesnar tells Roman he is out there tonight for blood. He doesn’t care about WrestleMania contracts. He doesn’t care about WWE titles. Lesnar throws the title to the outside of the ring as he yells and tells Roman he wants blood. Out comes Paul Heyman. He tells everyone to go to a commercial, to take the temperature down.

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