WWE Smackdown 4/22/22 – 22nd April 2022 – HDTV Watch Online

WWE Smackdown 4/22/22 – 22nd April 2022 – HDTV Watch Online

WWE SmackDown – 3 Possible Surprises – Roman Reigns has a showdown with a future opponent, superstar returns with a new name

WWE SmackDown has not felt as big as RAW recently, and this could be attributed to The Tribal Chief missing last week’s show. The following surprises could convince the audience that the blue brand is the A-Show again.

There are only a handful of names on WWE SmackDown that seem like they’re ready to challenge Roman Reigns at this point. Some may even say that Shinsuke Nakamura, as great as he is, is not equipped to be a believable opponent for Roman Reigns.

What if Gunther has a match against yet another enhancement talent and, for a fleeting moment, locks eyes with Roman Reigns up the ramp? It could sow the seeds for a massive showdown at some point between the two powerhouses.

Remember that he held the WWE NXT UK Championship for 870 days, which is the longest reign for a champion since 1988, making him a viable challenger for the Tribal Chief.

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